As business owners, there comes a time when it becomes a struggle to cope with all there is to do, or our enthusiasm for what we are doing wanes. We’ll see our business performance plateau or decline, as things fall between the cracks. It becomes apparent that we are in the way of the ongoing success of the business that we created. We start realising that we need to step aside from the day to day activities, delegating those tasks to the people we have employed to do them. We too start realising that we need to focus more on the business than be in it. The challenge is how to go about doing this.

This is where I can help.

When it came out, I read Gino Wakeman’s “Traction – Getting a Grip on your Business.” This book served to consolidate many of my thoughts about the principles required for business owners to continue being successful in running their business. With full credit to Gino and his EOS team, I have re-spun his concepts in ways that work better for me as I coach and consult to business owners.

The services I offer include:


Within the “Six Principles” framework:

  • Review and analyze the business, identifying what is working well and what needs attention
  • Understand the industry in which the business operates
  • Drill down to the root causes in the areas requiring attention
  • Work with the owner to develop strategies and action plans to address the areas requiring attention


Jonathan Marks and Associates presents workshops on “The Six Principles of Business Management” and other topics relevant to the business owners’ needs.


In almost any activity, top performers surround themselves with a team of support people, including coaches.  It is no different for small business owners.  As a business coach, I help owners develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Manager For Hire

As small businesses grow, they find they need additional management expertise, but not on a full time basis.  As a manager for hire, I step into the required role on a part time basis for a fraction the cost of a full time manager.

An outside interim manager can also be a change agent for the company as owners codify their company culture so that it can be embraced by the leadership team. Then the interim manager can assist with weaning the company and management team from their dependence of the owner.